A Soldier's Dream - The Milt Feldman Story

In December 1944, Private Milton Feldman was captured by German soldiers. The Jewish GI’s imprisonment in Battle of the Bulge and subsequent stint in a POW camp led his family to fear the worst. Now a 94 year old resident of California, Milton reflects on his service and the legacy of World War II. Director Eduardo Montes-Bradley brings light to war and its lasting repercussions in the Heritage Film Project’s newest documentary. 

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Director Montes-Bradley next to Milt and his wife Renee Bauer on a first meeting held in Boston to plan for the making of "A Soldier´s Story" (Provided photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley)

A introduction by Director Eduardo Montes-Bradley

The Heritage Film Project was conceived back in 2008 as a production tool that could help my wife-producer and myself to tell the many stories that need to be told, and yet they're not. We have a production system that utilizes the benefits derived from commercial work to support personal stories such as Milton Feldman’s. When we first heard of Milt’s ordeal with the 106th on the western Front, we immediately knew we were on to something worthwhile the effort. We immediately committed to contribute our part if enough money was raised to kickstart a documentary film project that has already been awarded in several film festivals around the world. The process took eight months, in which we met with Milt in California, and traveled to the actual locations in the Ardennes. The invaluable help of Carl Wouters and Doug Mitchell paved the way in Europe to further outstanding Milt’s ordeal, thus facilitating the documentary experience. For me, personally, it was a great opportunity to learn, one that I believe will now live in “A Soldier’s Dream” for generations to come.

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It was an honor walked with our cameras on the footsteps of PFC Milton Feldman, and thousands of others GI´s who answer the call of duty in difficult times.

Eduardo Montes-Bradley

Sabre Awarded to “A Soldier's Dream” by the 9th International Historical and Military Film Festival in Poland, 2018
"A Soldier's Dream” premiered in Pleasanton, CA on August 11, 2018 and has made the Official Selection at San Francisco Veterans Film Festival, 9th Historical and Military Film Festival in Poland (Awarded), The Official Selection at Great Western Catskills International Film Festival 2018, and Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.

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