The Flag of Friendship was conceived by Doug Mitchell, chapter officer of the "Bulge Chapter" in 2012 as a way to thank European citizens for their service and remembrance of the men of the 106th Infantry Division. For many decades the Belgian people have paid tribute to the veterans of the Division. As the Greatest Generation is slowly fading away, they are now thanking the Belgians and other Europeans for their work in perpetuating their legacy. Since 2012 an American "Flag of Friendship" has been donated by the US 106th Infantry Division Association Inc. The "Bulge Chapter" is in charge of the formal organisation of the ceremony in close cooperation with the C-47 Club Ardennes Salm River Chapter, the City of St. Vith, the city of Vielsalm and CRIBA. 

The FOF has been an annual commorative event since 2012, paired with a sister ceremony in Rencheux by the C-47 Club Ardennes Salm River Chapter.

106th Infantry Division veteran David Bailey gives a speech at the 2014 FOF event.


EVEN THE WEATHER WAS LIKE 70 YEARS AGO - At the Memorial for American soldiers the destruction of St. Vith and the sacrifices of the Battle of the Bulge were commemorated. Twelve US WWII veterans came to East-Belgium for the ceremony.

Grenzecho Zeitung 17 December 2014


The Flag of Friendship Ceremony takes place at the 106th Infantry Division Memorial in St. Vith, Belgium. 

The memorial is located next to the Bischöfliche Schule St.Vith, located at the following address: 

Klosterstraße 38, St.Vith (Belgium). 

For directions see the map below. Free parking is available at the An der Linden traffic circle in the center of town, just a 10 minute walk from the monument.

Klosterstrasse 24, Sank Vith

FLOWER FUND - Donations welcome

The Belgian Chapter of the 106th Division Association is responsible for wreath layings and flower pieces that are presented at various ceremonies in Belgium and Germany, in honor of the men of the Division. These ceremonies include the Annual Flag of Friendship Ceremony, the Rencheux Bridge Ceremonies, Memorial Day at various US Military Cemeteries, the Wereth Eleven Commemoration, ...

Your donations are most welcome.

Flag of Friendship Awards 2012-2016

Solange DeKeyser

President, U.S. Memorial Wereth Committee
Flag of Friendship Award 2016

Solange Dekeyser (Belgium) is the President of the U.S. Memorial Wereth Committee, dedicated to the memory of the eleven African-American GI's of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion who were massacred at Wereth, Belgium on 17 December 1944. Solange also dedicated several years of her life by working with the American Battlefield Monuments Commission at the Henri-Chapelle Military Cemetery.

Klaus-Dieter Klauser

President, Zwischen Venn und Schneifel
Flag of Friendship  Award 2015

Klaus-Dieter Klauser (Belgium) is a historian and President of the local historical association 'Zwischen Venn und Schneifel' based in St. Vith, Belgium. His research on the battle at St. Vith and the general history of the Ardennes Offensive in East-Belgium has helped preserve the legacy of the 106th Infantry Division. 2015 also marked the 50th Anniversary of the ZVS-Association.

Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz

Remember Museum Thimister-Clermont
Flag of Friendship Award 2014

Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz (Belgium) were awarded the Flag of Friendship on 13 December 2014, during the 70th Anniversary Commemorations of the Battle of the Bulge. As owners of the excellent Remember Museum in Thimister-Clermont, they have been preserving the legacy of the 106th Division for many years. Known as the "M&M's" they also facilitate the Memorial Day ceremony at Henri-Chapelle Military Cemetery and the commemorations at Wereth, Belgium.

Eddy Monfort

Flag of Friendship Award 2013

Eddy Monfort (Belgium) was awarded the Flag of Friendship on 14 December 2013. Eddy is the author of three books on the Battle of the Bulge. His book 'La Bataille des Carrefours' goes into detail on the battles around his native region of Fraiture-Manhay-Malempré. Eddy is a loyal friend of the 106th Division and has assisted many WWII veterans in their return to Belgium.

Denise Oger

President CRIBA Belgium
Flag of Friendship Award 2012

Denise Oger (Belgium) was awarded the Flag of Friendship on 15 December 2012. She is the current President of CRIBA (Centre des Recherches et d'Information sur la Bataille des Ardennes) and has been assisting 106th Division veterans and their families for many years.

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